Atom is a learning
experience platform
by Kaplan

A one-stop solution for content creators, educators, and learners that enhances learning experience by delivering assessment & learning content at scale

Your Course, Your Brand,
Our Platform

Our white-label solution puts your brand on center stage, with the power of Atom behind the scenes. Plus, our modular architecture allows flexible creation, organization and delivery of your content

Empower Educators

  • Track Trends
    • Compare learner and class progress over time
  • Data at a Glance
    • Get actionable insights on subjects in which a class or learner is weak
  • Access Anywhere
    • View your reports across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Engage Learners

  • Personalized Dashboard
    • Customized so that your learners can focus on the right things
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Learners can understand how they are doing to inform what to do next
  • Learner-Centric Design
    • Designed for learner needs and informed by rigorous psychometrics

Simplify Authoring

  • Speed Matters
    • Create, update, and import your content to our platform instantly
  • Simplify Workflow
    • Review and update your content with our simple publishing workflow
  • Make it anywhere
    • Make your own custom learning path and quizzes, whether you’re on a computer, tablet or phone

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