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Our Platform And Expertise.

Your business can leverage Kaplan’s decades of learning experience to support your content and curriculum through Kaplan's Learning Platform, Atom and digital programs and services.

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Users are important to us - and we have served over two million of them



Backed by 70 years of expertise, we have mastered the art of assessment



It's not just talk - we have successfully held 17M+ user sessions

Kaplan Educational Solutions

While we believe the foundation of a successful learning experience is grounded in an easy to use platform built on learning science expertise, we also know that building a great learning experience isn’t all there is to a successful program. Our Educational Solutions team  extends the value of our learning platform to deliver a holistic approach to a successful learning business.


Maintain a unique product without the hassle of building your own technology.

Kaplan's Learning Platform, Atom is an extremely flexible eLearning platform, allowing you to deliver instruction and curriculum in any way you see fit. Bring us your content, we’ll help you plan your approach and reach your goals.


  • Creation of a long-term eLearning strategy
  • Marketing campaigns and execution; PR strategies
  • Product Management and technological consulting
  • Assessment and psychometrics services
  • Item, curriculum, and forms development
  • Video, audio, and podcast production
  • Large-scale training and tools for recruiting of tutors, volunteers, and teachers
  • Live-streaming and programming: creation, production, and hosting of live online events
  • Data Science training
Every aspect of our programs are viewed through the lens of learning engineering and digital transformation, making sure we always support you toward the most efficient and
cutting edge experience.

This includes product, marketing, commercialization, and technology experts, who will help you explore opportunities to expand what your product offers.


Track Trends
Users are important to us - and we have served over two million of them

Data at a Glance
Get actionable insights on subjects in which a class or learner is weak

Access Anywhere
View your reports across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices


Personalized Dashboard
Customized so that your learners can focus on the right things

Comprehensive Reporting
Learners can understand how they are doing to inform what to do next

Learner-Centric Design
Designed for learner needs and informed by rigorous psychometrics


Speed Matters
Create, update, and import your content to our platform instantly

Simplify Workflow
Review and update your content with our simple publishing workflow

Make it anywhere
Make your own custom learning path and quizzes, whether you’re on a computer, tablet or phone