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Over 80 Years of Success

At Kaplan, teaching and learning is our obsession. Since we invented test prep, we’ve spent every moment improving our methods, building our strategies, and perfecting learning platforms that lead learners to success. Now you can do the same.

Kaplan Educational Solutions

Our Educational Solutions team can help you develop a long-term plan for eLearning. Transform your current experience to a world-class eLearning program, designed to help drive revenue, increase engagement, and support lifelong learner success.
  • Creation of a long-term eLearning strategy
  • Marketing campaigns and execution; PR strategies
  • Product Management and technological consulting
  • Assessment and psychometrics services
  • Item and forms development
  • Video/audio and podcast production
  • Large-scale training and tools for recruiting of tutors, volunteers, and teachers
  • Live online course management
  • Data Science training


Teaching is our passion, learners success is our priority, but working with you is our major goal. We’re committed to providing the support you need to help your learners accomplish their goals.

Our team has your back from beginning to end, from onto the platform, to crafting an e-learning strategy to delivering your educational experience.